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General Information ℹ️

What is a Patio?

Patio is a private community for your college, where you can chat with your classmates in a safe and welcoming space.

Is Patio managed by the college officially?

Patio is not officially managed by the college.  Your college’s Patio is just a place for verified students to talk to each other, similar to other apps like GroupMe or Discord that are not managed by the college.

Can I create a Patio?

You cannot create a Patio (yet!), but you can create group chats within the Patio for your college.

Can I be in more than one Patio?

Right now, you can only be a member of the Patio for the college you attend. If you are part of more than one college (i.e., in a special honors program, dual-enrollment between partner colleges, etc.), then you can provide proof of enrollment for both and verify into multiple Patios.

Is there a web version of Patio?

You can access our web version at  The web version is really convenient for talking in your groups, especially for classes!

Can I use a fake or pseudonymous name on Patio?

We ask that all users use the name they use in real life on Patio to ensure our Patios remain safe and free of impersonation.

How can I sign up if I don’t have access to my college email account?

We know all students might not have access to their new college emails. We have a manual verification option where students can submit their acceptance letters. When you go to submit your email address for verification, underneath there's text that says "Don't have a school email." That will take you to a page where you can submit another form of verification like an acceptance letter. Just make sure the screenshot includes your full name and the name of the college!

I don’t see a Patio for my college! How can we start one?

If you don’t see your college in the list of colleges within the Patio app, you can tap on the “I Don’t See My College” button and submit the form to let us know where to launch next!

I’m interested in being an Ambassador for Patio and helping to share Patio at my college. How do I get started?

You can fill out the form to become an ambassador through this form here.